Marstons Brewery

Marston's Brewery

For over 175 years, Marston's beer has been brewed the same way. We've spent decades making sure that every single pint of every single one of our ales, wherever they're brewed, is perfect.

John Marston began brewing in 1834 at the Horninglow Brewery in Burton upon Trent. In 1898, the brewery relocated to the Albion Brewery on Shobnall Road, and Marston’s have been here ever since. It’s also the home to the famous Burton Union System - one of the last remaining union systems in the world.

Many brewers came to Burton for the water, or more precisely, for the rocks the town was built on. The water trickles down through a thick layer of gypsum before it’s brought back up again through the well. That’s what gives Marston’s beers the depth of flavour, character and crisp refreshing bitterness that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Scotland has Whisky. Detroit has cars. Burton has beer. And Marston’s is the oldest brewer in town.