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We’ve introduced new targets for ZERO Packaging Waste. 

By 2030 we will make 100% of our packaging recyclable, reusable or renewable. Our actions will help drive change towards a more circular economy, reducing our environmental impact. 

We are additionally targeting a 50% reduction in virgin fossil-based plastics and 50% recycled content in our bottles and cans.

The activities we undertake to achieve ZERO Packaging Waste also create carbon impact benefits, accelerating progress towards a ZERO Carbon Footprint across our entire value chain by 2040.




  • 30% of raw materials are from regenerative agricultural practices and are sustainably sourced
  • 90% collection and recycling rate for bottles and cans
  • 50% reduction of virgin fossil-based plastic
  • 50% recycled content in bottles and cans

Actions towards ZERO

Carlsberg fibre bottles

In its largest trial to date, our first bio-based and fully recyclable beer bottle was put in the hands of the public in summer 2022. Not only does the bottle generate fewer CO2 emissions than a single-use glass bottle, but the beer itself is also better – it has been brewed with fully organic barley that has been grown using more sustainable farming practices.

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